Saturday, March 16, 2019

Out of This World

Today's big news is that I have finally completed a new Duster comic! Titled Out of This World, it depicts the Mistress of the Winds confronting a teleporting thief; a mid-battle mishap deposits the lovely heroine alone on a distant planet, where she encounters aliens of... dubious morals, shall we say.😉

This comic is 35 pages long and features 54 images in total: 15 full-page 1920x2485 letter-orientation images and 39 1884x1218 landscape-orientation images. There's nudity, peril, bondage, knockouts, and, yes, explicit NC sex with an alien lizard-monster. Of course. Needless to say, this comic is for adults only. If anything I just described offends you, or is illegal where you live, please stay away. But if it sounds right up your alley... read on!

As with my previous comic, Once Bitten, this is only available directly through yours truly. The price is $14.95 US. But wait! If you purchase Out of This World and Once Bitten together, the price for both is only $24.95 US! What a deal! 😲

To obtain your copy:
  • Pay me $14.95 US (or, as described above, $24.95 for both comics) directly through PayPal: 
  • I will send the comic(s) as a .PDF file to your PayPal identity/email address. 
  • If you want me to send the comic(s) to a different email, add a note to the PayPal payment with the address you want me to use. 
  • The .PDF is just over 20 MB in size (Once Bitten is about 16 MB) so please make sure your chosen email system will accept an attachment of that size. (36 MB is too big for most free email services, so I will be sending the files in separate emails if you purchase both.)
  • Please give me a day or two to get back to you. I'm just one guy, I work full-time, and there is a Mrs. Danger who deserves some of my time and attention. 
  • No discounts or refunds, sorry. 
 Below is a preview image from the comic.

Be sure to check my D.A. profile for additional preview/promotional images!

Sunday, March 03, 2019

Winter's Chill 13 and More

First up, the next image from a serial commissioned by SuburbanQueen95 featuring her avatar/OC Rewind along with my own original characters Duster, Mistress Winter, and the latter's henchwoman Min Yin. The image immediately preceding this one can be found in this previous blog entry, while the entire series (mostly) is available HERE, with a few naughty images only available in previous blog posts.

That's this blog entry's main feature. Now onto the fashion show. Remember, if you really like any of these outfits, let me know here or at D.A. That helps me decide if I should use them in a future image.

First off we have two versions of a sexy SF/action outfit called Eclipse. Which one do you prefer... black or purple?

Now for a couple of fantasy and/or historical outfits. One is called Exnem Enchantress, the other is a Minoan peasant dress.

Next is a skimpy outfit for Victoria 4 called Black Tie. Its cuffs and shoes don't work on Genesis 2 Females, but fortunately I have cuffs and shoes from other outfits I can use instead.

Finally, a more practical modern outfit (still with plenty of sex appeal) called Fashion Skirt.

And that's it for now! Thanks for dropping by...

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Winter's Chill 12

Given what's going on with the weather in North America right now, that title seems especially appropriate.

But for me that refers to the title of the serial SuburbanQueen95 commissioned featuring her OC Rewire and my heroine Duster. It started out as Rewired and has continued under the title above. But as with its previous instalment, some of SQ95's ideas are simply too scalding hot for DeviantArt. Instead they see the full light of day here at the blog.

Below is image #12 in the series (image 11 is available for viewing HERE), featuring Rewire, Duster, Mistress Winter, and her wonderfully-named henchwoman Min Yin:

It's tough to get across in the image, but Rewire and Duster are being force-fed each others' breast milk. So much kink in one image! As you might expect, some of the remaining images in the series will also have to live here rather than at D.A., though I might be able to get away with self-censoring them enough to allow them to pass muster there as promotional pieces.

Now onto the Duster fashion show. All of these clothing props were designed for Genesis 3 Female but, as you can see, are quite capable of fitting a Genesis 2 figure.

First up are a pair of fantasy outfits, Dragon Queen and Exnem Sorceress:

Now some outfits called "dresses" by their creators which are, let's face it, lingerie: Dare and Luna, both with some custom materials applied.

And finally, a couple of naughty outfits: BadGirl Style and SchoolGirl Crush.

...and that's it for this entry! As always, please comment here or back at D.A. I'm particularly interested in hearing if any of the new outfits strike your fancy, as that helps inspire me to find a place for them in full artwork.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Possession Page 3 and more

A while ago DeviantArt user OTSFan12345 commissioned me to create a comic titled Possession, featuring a mix of my own characters and some created and owned by GS1222. Just recently OSTFan12345 commissioned me to continue it. This time we've added my favourite of my buddy EXitZero's characters, Flechette, into the mix.

As with the previous comic, but even more so this time, there's going to be adult-oriented material not suitable to D.A. So it gets posted here for you to enjoy.

Below is page 3, which gives you an idea what Lady Astra has been up to while her creepy enemy, Natsuki Ozu, has complete possession and control of her lovely body. (In case you missed them, here are links to Page 1 and Page 2.)

The next page won't be nearly as racy so it will appear on D.A.

In addition, here is the next and last of the additional Once Bitten images. Remember, the complete, sexy, adults-only comic (in which Duster meets Dracula) is still available for purchase. For more information, please follow the link to the "Featured Post" at top right.

Now for the usual fashion show of new clothing props.

I've actually featured Duster in this first outfit already, albeit customized to (humiliatingly) reflect her own costume colours. It's called "Japanese Fundoshi 2", and it's so sexy I really want to find an excuse to use it again one day.

This next outfit, Katsuit, is for Victoria 4 but fits Genesis 2 quite well. I find that form-fitting outfits for Vicky 4 usually translate, but any thing loose and flowing like a dress or gown... not so much. This one comes with many variations imitating comic characters (like this one), so I'll have to find a use for them sometime.

The next two are the same outfit, Zodiac Sorceress for Genesis 3 Female, one with the jacket and one without. Which one do you prefer? I'll bet I already know...

And that's it for this blog post!

Sunday, December 16, 2018

It's a Stretch

First off: the uncensored version of a commissioned picture I posted at Deviant Art featuring Midnight Avenger, Duster, and Whirlwind all performing (more or less) a sexy stretch. The sneauxflakes at D.A. get very upset when reminded that women have vaginas. Which is strange, I mean I assume they all came out of one.

Now another adults-only image, this one another additional image for my graphic novel Once Bitten featuring Duster and Dracula. Still available for purchase, check this blog entry for more details.

Yes, it's a very hot comic. You should check it out if you haven't yet!

(On a side-note, I checked the journal entry right before this one and saw I'd stated that I could pose not-safe-for-DA material at Tumblr. Well I think we all know that's no longer true! As I noted at DA, I removed my Tumblr account right after their anti-adult announcement. As my mom used to say, don't stay where you're not welcome. Oh well, I wasn't that active at Tumblr anyway. Someone said it was a good place to pick up more commissioners, but as far as I can tell I didn't get a single one interested. I suspect I only had followers there who already watch me at DA.) 

I also recently installed a new set of High Dynamic Range images (HDRis) called "Old Stone Pack". I usually use digital sets in my images and relegate HDRis to providing ambient light or a skydome, but sometimes when the images are of exceptionally high quality and work well with digital figures I use them to provide the complete environment. I'll probably do that with this set, which lends itself to fantasy settings.

Now for some costume tests, but with a difference, as I thought I'd cover a few technical details as well.

Most of you might know (though only fellow Daz Studio artists will care) that I still use Genesis 2 figures. (Daz has long since graduated from there to Genesis 3 and more recently G8.) That's not as challenging as it sounds. In fact I think a lot of Poser artists can relate; many of them use older versions of that application, which also means they're restricted from using new features and content, or so I gather—but many of them still produce exceptional work. At any rate, there's lots of clothing outfits available for Genesis 2, and you can make Genesis 3 clothing props fit G2 by making a pretty easy modification inside Daz Studio (details HERE).

However, Daz didn't really seem to get into the Iray render engine in a big way until right around the time Genesis 3 came out. As a result, very few Genesis 2 outfits have any Iray settings. Sometimes that's not a big deal, but sometimes it is. For example, check out the outfit below, called Blackout:

Form-wise it's pretty sexy, but in terms of colour and texture it's pretty blah. So I applied some Iray latex shaders to it. (Shaders, for those of you not familiar with them, change the surface of any digital object in Daz Studio to which they're applied. They don't just change colours; a shader can provide all sorts of other effects such as reflectivity, metallic flakes, sub-surface scattering (especially useful for realistic-looking skin), and even texture by adding "bumps" and "displacement" to make the surface look more three-dimensional.)

You can see what a difference the shaders make. They make the clothing prop more interesting not just by changing the colour, but by making it look more realistic and varied. The lighting highlights also help emphasize the underlying (sexy) shape of the figure.

Here's another example, another sexy outfit for Genesis 2 Females called "Uncaged". This is the default version. Look how the parts that are supposed to be metal look like plastic. Ugh!

So here's how it looks with some Iray leather and metal shaders applied:

A world of difference. However those "chains" aren't exactly realistic-looking. Unlike some other clothing props this one doesn't contain morphs to specifically correct that, unfortunately; it seems designed for one size of bosom only. Fortunately the chains are a separate surface, which means their opacity can be set to 0%, making them disappear.

However, not all Genesis 2 clothing needs this sort of an Iray update. Here's another outfit, called Super Dress and Leggings, which looks pretty good with the default shaders applied.

The reason for the "super" appellation for this dress is because it has not just a bunch of different shaders, it has all sorts of settings to modify its style. You change the neckline, remove the sleeves, shorten the skirt... you can even change it into a shirt/skirt combo if you want.

Unfortunately the belt buckle for the skirt gets distorted, but no clothing prop is perfect.

Finally, here's two more older outfits that look fine without needing an Iray update. Here's Candy/Duster in a sexy little number called "Limitless", and an outfit descriptively named "Vinyl Jumpsuit" (which is actually for the first generation of Genesis) that could either be a 70s throwback or a retro-future costume.

...and that's it for this blog update. Thanks for dropping by!

Saturday, December 01, 2018

Too Hot for Deviant Art

Yeah, so like many people I have had a handful of images removed recently from D.A. Unlike many others I didn't dispute them. I try to pick my battles carefully, and also focus my energy and efforts where they'll pay off best.

Besides, I have other places to pose my more risque work, such as here, TFMC Nexus, Tumblr, and Erolair. I'm not currently as active at those places as I am at D.A., but it's important to have options. Web sites come and go—something that it would be good for the owners of D.A. to remember. Don't get me wrong, D.A.'s been a good place to hang out, mainly because of some very cool people who also hang out there. But if the censorship gets worse and if this new Eclipse "upgrade" makes the site less usable, I'll keep an eye on where the crowd's going. I earn a tidy extra income from commissioned artwork and it doesn't make sense to hang out my shingle at a web site that's committing a slow, painful version of suicide.

So first off, in order to provide my loyal watchers with another place to view them, here are the images that were removed from D.A. In each case I think I know why, though I think someone is really stretching their interpretation of the Terms of Service.

I remember that long ago I received a warning because of this one, called "Solstice's Choice", which was my entry in a contest that Southblade held many months ago. I think the warning was for "vaginal spreading"... which, as any sensible person can see from the above image, is a bit ridiculous to apply here. Yes, Amazon Arrow and Duster have vaginas. Yes, they're bound in a way so their legs are slightly parted. Yes, you can therefore see their vaginas. Sort of. Kind of.

But I always interpreted that rule as applying to the sort of genital exposure you see in a gynecological exam or in the pages of Hustler.

Oh well, I suppose it's all on how you interpret that rule. Like the other removals I decided not to dispute it because if push came to shove it could be interpreted in that narrow a fashion. I will probably re-do this image when I get a chance with all the heroines in their costumes. After all, for true peril fans, what matters is the peril. Of course, I can't help thinking of the irony that in this image two women are being threatened with violent dismemberment, and from what I can tell nobody objected to that.

Of the four images below, the first three were removed.

Again, it's a technical interpretation. The laser is, arguably, a sex toy, and it's in use, and that's not allowed. Okay, it's a stretch but in many ways a fair one, especially since I intentionally created this series (a commission, but still) to push the bounds of D.A's ToS to see what I could get away with. So, a fair cop, I guess. And one I didn't dispute. But hey, they left up image 4, and in many ways I consider that the sexiest one.

I won't be modifying this series to try to make it "D.A. Safe" (if there is such a thing) because I really don't see a way to do it. They will live on here and (sooner or later) at the other sites I mentioned above.

To comment on this from a bigger perspective, I understand and even sympathize with what Deviant Art is doing, or trying to do. They don't want to be just another porn site, and frankly, nor would I want them to become one. There's more than enough sites filled with nothing but images of monstrously large penises spewing ridiculously copious amounts of ejaculate on impossibly-proportioned women. I avoid them.

But there's that provocative word that's right in the site's name, and they have attracted a large number of adults (such as yours truly) who enjoy using the site as a means to display, celebrate, and explore sexuality, even within their sometimes vague and strange limits. They have also attracted a large number of people who seem to miss the whole point of the site, and of art, and of human sexuality in general. It's a difficult balance, I can imagine, and like most web sites trying to keep a handle on their content while retaining their audience and remaining viable as a business, they're probably woefully understaffed. The people who do police the content have to deal with the emotional baggage that comes from seeing images far, far worse than anything I've ever posted there.

At the end of the day, that's another reason I don't fight this stuff. On D.A. I sometimes see people ranting about "the mods" and "the admins" as though they're some sort of powerful establishment figures, when the more-likely reality is that they're twenties-something youngsters who are horribly overqualified and ridiculously underpaid and who have to sort through images of child pornography and misogynistic violence every day. So in a few seconds of this workday none of us would ever want to endure, they look at one of my images and make a decision and click on a button and it's gone. Boom, onto the next one. Jesus, how long until lunch...?

So... okay. I'm an adult. Have been for a long time. I can deal with criticism and rejection. Spent most of my life learning how to do that, in fact, and it's high time to put that into practice. I move onto bigger and better things.
Speaking of which, here's another additional image for my graphic novel Once Bitten. Remember that you can buy the novel directly from me. More details at THIS LINK.

Now onto the usual fashion show!

I'm thinking that this next outfit, called "After Dark", would be great for a villainess (or maybe an edgy heroine), but I can't decide on which version to use. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts in a comment here or back at D.A.

Here's a couple from a creator called Exnem: a lingerie harness and a yoga outfit.

Now here's some sexy outfits: Charming Party Dress, Lace Lingerie III, Spiritual Suit, and Tiny Things.

As always, if any of these particularly strike your fancy, let me know here or at D.A. When I hear several people really like a particular clothing prop I try to find a way to work it into a high quality image.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Bumper Crop

It's autumn, time for harvest, and as the title implies I have quite a haul for you blog-followers this weekend! Not just the usual costume and character tests, but several high quality sexy images too! Let's get started...

Those of you following me at Deviant Art will probably recall the recent "Immortal Seduction" series from an anonymous commissioner. It features Hathor, the ancient Egyptian goddess of love, seducing a trio of our favourite OC heroines. Below is the final image from that series, featuring my own Whirlwind (L) and Duster (R) with Curia-DD's Wonder Woman. I probably could get away with posing it at D.A. but on the off-chance it would get reported I'm posting it here instead.

I quite liked the series, I think it has some of my best girl-on-girl work, including this image.

Now for another commission, this one also part of a recent series. BonV23 commissioned me to create a series of images illustrating scenes from my Duster story "The Cage". Here's the final one, which again would violate D.A.'s ToS so it's here instead: Duster suffering at the hands of Big Bertha following her defeat in the fighting cage:

Just a reminder: "The Cage" is available in ebook format as part of The Domination Variations - Duster Volume 3: A Superheroine-in-Peril Story Collection which is available at Smashwords.

Speaking of other ways you can part with your hard-earned cash for my benefit, you can also get my adult-only superheroine-in-peril graphic novel, Once Bitten, directly from me (more information HERE). To entice you a bit, here is a bonus image I recently rendered showing Duster seduced by none other than Dracula:

I may do up a couple more bonus images for that comic and post them here in future. Stay tuned!

And I have one more HQ/HC image for you. This one is a scene from my superheroine-in-peril novel Arena, which is also available from Smashwords (or in a slightly-altered form from Amazon under the title Duster versus the Pit Boss). Once again, Duster has been defeated after being forced to fight for an audience, this time losing to Gladiator, who enjoys the spoils of victory in this image:

Once again BonV23 commissioned a related image (which in the story takes place just before this one), and I just used that picture as the base for creating this one. 

And that's it for the HQ images! Usually I just post one of those per blog entry, but this time I had several for you. Happy October!

To finish off, as usual, I have some test images.

First up is a new character named Saskia.

She has a very sultry look to her, doesn't she?

Now for some new fashions for Duster (or other characters, Dusty's just the one I use to model them). As always, please let me know here or at D.A. if you really like any of these or have ideas/suggestions for them. They may end up in a HQ render one day.

First up is an outfit called "Lylia" which is for Genesis 3 Females (Duster and practically all my other characters are Genesis 2): 

This next one is just called "SwimWear V6" (i.e. for Victoria 6, the figure on which Duster is based). I used an Iray shader on the outfit to give it a nice patina:

Finally, this outfit is called "X-Fashion X Bodysuit", which is again for Genesis 3. I think it would make a good superheroine (or supervillainess) costume.

And that's it for this blog entry!